Portable Blender Bottle

Mini, Portable & Powerful

Make fresh smoothies, shakes, or mixed drinks from anywhere anytime



The Portable Blender Bottle is a compact and powerful blender that allows you to blend smoothies and protein shakes anywhere, anytime.


Protein Shake Blender


Introducing the ultimate protein shake blender! This powerful blender is designed to make delicious and nutritious protein shakes in just seconds. With its easy-to-use design and high-speed motor, you can blend all of your favorite protein shake ingredients with ease. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, this [...]

Smoothie Blender Bottle


Introducing the ultimate smoothie blender bottle, perfect for anyone who loves to stay healthy on the go. With its compact size and rechargeable battery, this portable blender bottle lets you make delicious smoothies and shakes wherever you are – at the gym, in the office, or on a camping trip. Made from durable BPA-free materials, [...]


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An on-the-go solution

The best part about our blenders? They are small and portable — you can carry it with you anywhere. Plus, the blender doubles as a drink cup! No bulk makes this device great for camping trips, picnics, beach trips, and more.

Juice and smoothies in a flash

In a need for your protein drink? You can get it within 30 seconds! Our portable blender bottle has the powerful blades to blend it up quickly.

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Marvel at 20,000 revolutions per minute

Our portable blender’s sawtooth blades move super fast, whipping up smoothies and seamlessly blending ice, powders, fruit, and vegetables for a chunk-free finish. Best results come from solid ingredients cut into 0.5in (1.27cm) chunks.

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Battery powered and USB rechargeable

Our 17-Ounce Portable Blender is powered by a built-in, rechargeable 1400mAh 7.4V. Each blender comes with a USB cord for your convenience: you can charge your blender up from your laptop, a portable power bank, car port charger, or outlet charger. It’s just the ultimate convenience for you to enjoy your favorite drink wherever you are

Food-grade safe for high performance

Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic thermoplastic polymer and ABS plastic, this blender is created to meet food-grade standards. A sturdy silicone bottom ensures a non-slip and shock-absorbing base as you blend away.

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Waterproof Base

Enjoy your Portable Blender Bottle and wash it after every use to maintain cleanliness. Cleanup is easy, and washing after every use ensures no build up of mold, bacteria, or attraction of flies and bugs. No need to put the base away when washing


The Portable Blender bottle

If you’re one of the 3 out of 4 of us that aren’t getting enough vitamins, it’s time to upgrade to our portable blender bottle. Our blender bottles are designed to be taken with you, meaning nutrition and energy will always be on hand where you need it. To be used every single day.

They don’t only act as a visual reminder to drink more vitamins, they also work harder for you with the added health benefits of fruits and veggies. Be it more energy, better concentration, clearer skin, reducing cravings or beating the bloat — It’s time to invest in yourself and make a difference.

At every step, we balance quality, sustainability, function and design. No more bulky blenders that are a hassle to clean, need to be plugged in and get left behind.